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Laramie Spinal Care Center started in 1999 with the vision of Dr. Jones to help people experience or maintain their active lifestyle free of pain. Since moving to Laramie and opening his practice, he is now the official chiropractor of the University of Wyoming athletics, is very active in providing sports medicine chiropractic care to rodeo, cycling, and other athletes, and is committed to staying up to date on techniques and therapies. Dr. Jones provides whole-body assessments that extend beyond back or neck pain. We treat patients across southern Wyoming and northern Colorado.



Dr. Jones grew up in the Rocky Mountain west. He has always been interested in helping people, and became interested in chiropractic because he wanted to help people while providing natural, non-invasive techniques. He graduated chiropractic school at Parker College of Chiropractic after being a student at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Jones holds a Diplomate in sports medicine which is a post-doctorate degree in sports medicine injury, rehabilitation, and training.


He is certified in the Faktr® technique, a soft-tissue technique designed to breakdown fascial adhesion and scar tissue. He practices diversified, Gonstead, and coupled reduction techniques which are manual manipulation techniques helpful in restoring joint mobility and reducing pain/inflammation. He also practices the Webster technique for pregnant women.


Dr. Jones is invested in the Laramie community and volunteers at multiple bike races/events, rodeo events, and at other civic activities. He is also a board member on the Wyoming State Worker’s Compensation Board.


Dr. Jones is an avid classic car enthusiast and also enjoys time in Moab off-road rock crawling. He enjoys motorcycling and hiking in our own Snowy Mountain range.


Kathy moved to Laramie in 1994 from upstate New York. She began working at Laramie Spinal Care in 2004 as a Certified Massage Therapist shortly after she graduated from The Healing Art Institute. Kathy provides massage therapy for clients of all ages and is the massage therapist for the University of Wyoming athletics. Kathy’s interest for people is also noted in her multiple volunteer opportunities: Tour de Wyoming bike event, Enduro mountain bike event, many events with the forest service, and other community volunteer engagements.


When Kathy isn’t working or volunteering, she is out in the woods with her dogs hiking and taking pictures. She also enjoys writing.



Loretta has been working with Dr. Jones for over ten years. When you first come to the clinic, you’ll be greeted by Loretta who truly keeps the office running. Loretta grew up on a farm in western Kansas before moving to Laramie, where she has been for over 27 years. Her previous experience before joining Dr. Jones was in banking and retail.


Loretta is an incredible seamstress and is gifted in her ability to create things (she also makes wonderful deviled eggs).





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